Everybody panic: Jet-black iPhone 7s are back in stock today around the US by Marc Bain

Jet black has been one of the most popular new colors for the iPhone 7 ever since it first went on sale in mid-September. Despite it being incredibly easy to scratch, its popularitymeant it quickly sold out, leaving many buyers waiting to get their fix.

But according to iStockNow, which tracks the in-store availability of iPhones in real-time, it’s now back in stock at most Apple stores around the US.

The site offers a handy map showing the locations of Apple stores and which phones they have in stock. You can sort by phone model, carrier, color, and storage capacity. A quick search for stores carrying the jet-black iPhone 7 shows that numerous locations around the US and Canada have the phone back in stock. (You can check for other colors, too, if you want.)

Quartz spot-checked several of the results against Apple’s website, which allows you to determine if a certain phone model is available in-store. In each instance, Apple’s website confirmed iStockNow’s data.


Availability of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in jet black, as of the morning of Oct. 15

Not every store has every version of the jet-black phone though, so check for the specific model you want before making the pilgrimage. (Apple also recommends reserving one for pick-up via their website.) Availability varies depending on which phone you want—the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus—carrier, and storage capacity.

If you’re one of the many anxious shoppers who have been waiting to get your hands on a shiny black new iPhone, now may be your chance. But be quick: Going by their previous popularity, the stores’ stock levels are likely to quickly deplete.



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