This famous Chicago pastry chef is developing a line of marijuana sweets by Ana Campoy

Weed-loving celebrities such as Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are cashing in on marijuana legalization by creating their own cannabis brands.  But the latest famous face to launch a marijuana line is relying on her baking skills, not a reputation for partying, to sell her products.

Mindy Segal, owner of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago, will start selling pot-infused sweets under her name next year.  The award-winning pastry chef is partnering with marijuana grower Cresco Labs to make the edibles, which will include chocolate brittles, granola, and even a ready-made mix to make freshly-baked marijuana-laced goods at home. They will be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, and later in five other states.

More than 20 US states allow marijuna use for medical or recreational purposes, or both. That has spurred the development of a vast array of marijuana strains and products—and raised the need for pot entrepreneurs to find ways to stand out.

One company has licensed Bob Marley’s name to sell “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains.”  Another, Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, markets itself as a luxury brand.

Segal tells Quartz that her training and background will open a niche in the crowded pot market.  She’s been experimenting with flavor combinations such as caramelized black chocolate with butterscotch, or sour milk chocolate with salted toffee.

“They’re coming through the eyes of a professional pastry chef,” she says of her marijuana bars.  They’re expected to hit dispensary shelves in February.


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