Photos: Russian officials use a 45-ton bulldozer to flatten illegal Western cheeses/

Russia has now implemented Vladimir Putin’s executive order to destroy sanctioned Western food products confiscated at the border. Not wasting any time getting started, Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (FSVPS) is already on the job. “This isn’t a one-stage campaign,” an agency official told reporters this week. “It’s serious work.”

In Russia’s Belgorod region, the job of destroying confiscated food kicked off with a 45-ton bulldozer, which flattened about nine tons of cheese per hour. After being crushed, the cheese was shoveled into a landfill and buried. Officials are eager to demonstrate just how much forbidden food they’re able to destroy. Meduza presents photographs from Belgorod, where many illicit cheeses came to the end of the road.

vehicle on the road


pile of cheese


official with cheese

cheese wheel

broken cheese wheel

cheese trash

cheese on road

This post originally appeared at Meduza.


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