Hacks to help you stick with your new year’s resolutions

Now that you’ve shaken off your holiday
hangover and gotten back to the swing of
things, it’s time to take that new year’s
resolution seriously.

A Marist poll predicted that 44% of us ( http://qz.com/318967/the-science-behind-new-years-resolutions-that-actually-stick/ )
would make a resolution for 2015, but research
from the University of Scranton says only 8% of
people ( http://qz.com/319711/youll-definitely-break-your-new-years-resolutions-but-it-doesnt-matter/ ) actually achieve their

Whether you’ve promised yourself you’ll spend
less, get into shape, be more productive, or even
to just have better dental hygiene, we have a
complete guide for that. Here is a roundup, to
get you started.

The complete guide to working out before work
Gyms see a 40% increase in foot traffic in the
days after Jan. 1, but that’s followed by a
steady decline ( http://qz.com/320211/this-is-why-you-should-not-get-that-very-discounted-gym-membership/) through the
year, with 67% of gym members never stepping
foot in the facility they paid to join in a burst of
optimism. But experts say people who workout
in the morning are more likely to stick with the
program, and this complete guide ( http://qz.com/221964/the-complete-guide-to-working-out-before-work/ ) can help you start
your day right.

The complete guide to getting yourself to like
healthy food
Eating healthy or losing weight are among the
most common new year’s resolutions. But after
that post-holidays virtuousness wears off, it’s
easy to slip back into binging on sweets and
junk food. This complete guide ( http://qz.com/257739/the-complete-guide-to-getting-yourself-to-like-healthy-food/ ) shows
you how to trick your body into craving
vegetables, instead of the cookies.

The complete guide to packing lunches that are
tastier than takeout
Buying lunch every day is an easy way to burn
through your bank account and
leave your groceries at home to spoil.

Additionally, food packaging and containers
account for nearly a quarter of the waste in US
landfills, and the high sodium and fat in takeout
can make you sluggish. This complete guide (http://qz.com/271961/the-complete-guide-to-packing-a-thrifty-lunch-thats-better-than-takeout/ ) to bringing home-prepared lunches
offers an easy way to kill a few new year’s
resolutions with one stone: reduce your carbon
footprint, improve your eating habits, and save
you some cash to boot.

The complete guide to structuring your ideal
work day
Who doesn’t want to do more in less time? This
complete guide ( http://qz.com/199806/complete-guide-to-structuring-your-ideal-work-day/ ) helps you boost your productivity
and get organized by structuring an ideal work
day—laying out the optimal windows for
emailing, coffee breaks, workouts, walks, and
hacks to help you focus.

The complete guide to brushing your teeth at
Dentists say we should brush our teeth after
every meal, but that habit seems to go out the
window at an office job, mostly for fear of being
that person. But brushing your teeth at work
helps combat the all-too-familiar afternoon lull
and boost your confidence by maintaining a
fresh breath around colleagues and clients. This
complete guide ( http://qz.com/148177/the-complete-guide-to-brushing-your-teeth-at-work/ ) offers tips on how to make it a
routine habit at the office.

The complete guide to negotiating a lower cable
If you’re looking to trim the budget this year,
your cable bill might be a good place to
start. With cord-cutting on the rise, cable
companies are eager to hold onto your
business. This complete guide ( http://qz.com/235265-the-complete-guide-to-negotiating-a-lower-cable-bill/ ) lays out a
strategy to negotiate a lower cable bill and and
get the best deals available.

Author : Zainab Mudallal


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