Apple may have just set another Mac sales record

After a few years of stagnation ( http://
fromedome.com/2013/01/peak-mac/ ) , Apple may
have just set a new record for Mac sales for the
second quarter in a row ( http://qz.com/285063/
mac-sales-record/ ) .

Research firm IDC estimates that ( http://
containerId=prUS25372415 ) Apple shipped 5.75
million Macs in the last three months of 2014.

That’s about 200,000 more than it reported
shipping ( http://qz.com/284247/apple-
huge-christmas/ ) in the quarter that ended in
September, and almost one million more than the
last three months of 2013. (Apple will report its
December quarter results—its fiscal first quarter—
on Jan. 27.)


Apple also continued to outpace the broader PC
industry, which posted a 2.5% decline in shipments
during the same period, according to IDC, and
a 2.1% decline for the full year. (For a second
opinion, Gartner estimates ( http://www.gartner.com newsroom/id/2960125 ) PC
shipments grew 1% year-over-year during the fourth quarter.)

IDC’s estimates suggest that the computer market
is consolidating. The top five computer sellers all
increased their shipments ( http://www.idc.com/
getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25372415 ) over the
prior year, with Apple leading the pack with an
18.9% increase. But shipments at all other
computer makers fell by a combined 20.7%.

Read this next: The Mac is back: Why Apple just
set an all-time Mac sales record ( http://qz.com/285063/the-mac-is-back-
why-apple-just-set-an-all-time-mac-salesrecord/ )


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