lovely places to visit in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria or planning to visit Nigeria,
Here are some of beautiful places you might want to check out.
      1.Yankari Game Reserve
This is Nigeria’s richest wildlife oasis that
contains a huge number of elephants. It is a
historical park situated in Bauchi and a home to
lion, buffalo, hippocampus, roan and hartebeest.
There is a Natural Spring at the game reserve
where you can unwind and relax in warm
weather. You can visit the cave that hosts the
famous Wiki Warm Spring.
The baboons here have been trained to cohabit
with man.

       2. Obudu Cattle Ranch
You can hardly explain the experience that you
would witness when you are in Obudu Cattle
Ranch, located in Obudu, Cross River State.
Even the presidents of different countries may
not want to leave here after retreats. It attracts
a lot of tourists yearly.

       3.Erin Ijesha Waterfalls
This is also called the Olumirin Waterfalls, it is a
natural sauna situated in Erin Ijesha, Osun State
Nigeria. If you love the wonders of nature, you
can visit this location.
Do not forget to travel with your camera. At the
falls, it is only the pictures you capture that can
explain to others what it feels to be here and the
freshness of the water is energizing.

      4.Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort
This is nature’s gift to mankind. This warm
spring is situated in Ekiti State, in a valley that
has beautiful vegetation.
The trees serve as canopy for tourists to relax
during the dry season. Here you would
experience the warm and cold spring.
You would enjoy the myths that the locals would
tell you about this spring.

    5.Agbokim Waterfalls
In Cross River State, Agbokim Waterfalls is a
perfect place to visit. It has this special terraces
that run through the tropical rainforest.
The fall is fully surrounded by valleys, lush
greenery and steep hills that would give you a
rainbow like aura.

    6.Idanre Hills
This pace is said to be over 800 years old and
you can get to it by taking about 640 steps with
5 resting points on your way to the top.
The landscape is breathtaking and provides a
perfect view to Idanre town, Ondo State where it
is situated.
You would not stop gushing at the architecture,
aesthetics and various shapes of the hills.

     7.Mambilla Plateau
This is a high grassland Plateau which lies to the
southern edge of Taraba State, an extension of
Obudu, Adamawa and the Atlantic mountain
The access route to this Plateau and its canyons
is breathtaking and goes with a snake like
winding road.
This is a place where you can find temperate
plants like pears, apples, strawberries and Irish

    8. Owu Waterfalls
Owu Waterfalls is heaven on earth, situated in
Owu, Kwara State. It offers visitors this
refreshing atmosphere that makes it a wonderful
place to always visit.
The fall cascades 330 feet down an escarpment
with rocky outcrops to a pool of ice cold water

   9.La Campagne Tropicana
The name sounds exotic and it is really one
place you should not forget to visit when you are
in Nigeria, this beach resort is situated in the
Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos State.
You can have an access to a natural
environment that has a resort for holidays and

   10.Ngwo Cave and Waterfall
Your visit to Nigeria is not going to be complete
if you do not visit Ngwo cave in Enugu State.
There are so many beautiful trees in Ngwo Pine
Forest, amazing sharp twists and turn while you
move along the stone-paved track, as the cave
route slants downward.
It is an enchanting waterfall that drops from a
small opening at the roof of the cave.
    Make oyibo people see say we get find places like them too.lolz



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