Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in public at a photo exhibit in Ankara by Steve LeVine

A gunman shouting “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria!” shot and killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey today (Dec. 19) at a photo exhibit in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Continue reading

WhatsApp says its “security backdoor” is what makes encryption easy to use by Lynsey Chutel

On Jan. 13, The Guardian published a lengthy report alleging the presence of a “security backdoor” in messaging platform WhatsApp. According to story, a WhatsApp security flaw Continue reading

The internet wanted to know which animals fart, so scientists happily obliged by Katherine Ellen Foley

Scientists take on the most important challenges of our time, like combating climate Continue reading

All car companies are probably cheating on their emissions standards by now, or they should be by Zoë Schlanger

Yesterday (Jan. 12), the federal government announced allegations that Fiat Chrysler has been cheating on emissions tests. According to the allegations, the computers in 104,000 Continue reading

People keep crashing drones into Seattle’s Space Needle by Mike Murphy

On Dec. 31, a drone pilot thought it would be nice to film Seattle’s most iconic structure, the Space Needle. The video started off well—beautiful, sweeping shots, taken during a Continue reading

Panoramic view from Spis Castle, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Slovakia by aimeesteins

Panoramic view from Spis Castle, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Slovakia Continue reading

NASA astronauts take a 6.5-hour spacewalk to swap out batteries by Hannah Yi

Two NASA astronauts took a 6.5-hour spacewalk today for some maintenance upgrades to the International Space Station. They replaced old nickel-hydrogen batteries for new lithium-ion ones. Continue reading

In Pakistan, secret Facebook groups are changing female friendship by Commentary

Around December last year, 20-something Karachiite Zara (name changed) felt desolate, as though she had no one in her life she could talk to. Continue reading